Tents & Events

Rola-Trac has proudly been involved in supporting many of the biggest concerts, exhibitions and events worldwide. The Rola-Trac unique outdoor event flooring product range has been recognised as the worlds leading solution to temporary event access and ground protection.

Any outdoor event relies on footfall to illustrate it’s success. Event management companies must ensure that high volumes of guests can move safely and cleanly in the knowledge that the venue will be protected. Rola-Trac event and marquee flooring products provide the solution.

At Rola-Trac we tailor our service to your needs and budget.

With Rola-Trac tent and event flooring products, your guests are guaranteed a safe, clean and comfortable experience.


Unpredictable weather and large volumes of people can make walkways impassable. Rola-Trac™ negates this inconvenience by providing a safe and clearly visible walkway. It’s perfect for wheelchairs and pushchairs too!

Providing a walkway at events is essential with large audiences, the Rola-Trac flooring provides a solution for quick access, guidance and ground protection. Event flooring is also practical in emergencies to ensure the area is clear and people know where to go in case of evacuation. Walkway flooring can also be used in marquee and tents so everyone on foot can move freely and comfortably.

Car Parking

Car Parking facilities are often a difficult problem at events. Supa-Trac™ provides flexible car parking facilities able to cover huge areas and cope with high levels of vehicular movement. Temporary car parks such as Supa-Trac should be exempt from most planning regulations and have been operated for up to 12 years.
Temporary car parks are portable and so can be easily transported between events. The car park flooring can be deployed in minutes, whether it is used for audience events, or in any other instance where temporary car parking spaces are needed.


Access Roads


Extra traffic often requires new or improved access to events. No other system is as easy, durable or versatile as I-Trac™. Laid in minutes, left for a few hours or a few months, it’s easily stored and re-useable.
Robust portable access roads are required when heavy-duty vehicles are supplying equipment to events and when there is a large volume of pedestrian traffic. Temporary roadways as outdoor flooring can be deployed in minutes and provide a short-term or long-term functional solution, which allows heavy traffic free-flowing access to their destination.

Audience Flooring

With the demand for ever larger events, sports venues are increasingly used for their size and to increase revenue. Rola-Trac™ is the perfect outdoor event flooring product for protecting grass or artificial pitches.
Portable event flooring is mainly used at large scale events where heavy traffic is expected, such as within stadiums, where a large audience can be fitted within a single arena. Temporary tent flooring should be laid to both protect the existing surface from damage and the audience from injury.

Marquee Flooring


When a marquee is placed on an uneven surface, used during wet weather conditions or if you are accommodating a large number of people the ground can become an issue. However, by installing Rola-Trac™ within your marquee all of these potential problems can be solved.
Marquees have been used for many years for weddings, parties and fairs and are extremely useful in bad weather. Not surprisingly, however, the ground in the marquee often becomes damaged and dangerous to the large number of people walking across it. Rola-Trac provides ideal flooring solutions to enhance your marquee experience, keeping your event safe, comfortable and enjoyable.


Watch the video

I-Trac being laid for the Superbowl, it allows a stable platform for almost any temporary structure and is an ideal temporary flooring system for construction and events.

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