Temporary Interlocking Floor Experts Designed + Made in the UK

Since 1998 Rola-Trac has designed and manufactured the world’s most innovative interlocking flooring. We focus on long term strength and total ease of use over and over again. We have different floorings for different terrains – these protect the floor below, whilst providing the perfect surface for your needs.

We supply millions of square meters of the flooring all over the globe so if you have walked on temporary flooring, you have most certainly walked on Rola-Trac.

Why Rola-Trac Temporary Flooring?

Innovative Design

All our products our designed and manufactured in the UK to high specifications across materials and structural science that delivers the utmost quality.

Durable + Robust

Rola Trac products are built to last and be reused time and time again.  Our products will always give you a solid platform for your ground protection requirements.

Secure + Safe

Our products snap simply together and provide a secure baser people and equipment across a range of terrains and applications

Quick + Easy

Our Rola-Trac™ system simply clicks together without any hassle. Assembly is upto 70sq metres per hour per person – ideal for a fast set up.


Use the table below to find a product that suits the event / terrain / purpose you are looking for. If you have any doubt take a look at our case studies or just contact our team of experts who will be glad to help.

Application Case Studies

See how Rola-Trac flooring is used around the world

Link to: Stadium FlooringLink to: Military & DefenceLink to: AviationLink to: Tents & EventsLink to: Construction

A Global Network

Rola-Trac supplies all around the globe

No matter your location, our team of experts is on hand to support you and your requirements.

Through our global logistics partners, we can reach all parts of the globe quickly and efficiently.

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