Rola-Trac™ is a snap together system of panels, which can be fitted on any surface and to any shape, creating a firm, non-slip surface for commercial, professional and domestic use.


Rola-Trac is available in seven colours to suit any need. Edging ramps are also available and allow easy wheelchair access and eliminate trip hazards.

The Rola-Trac panels simply snap together and there is no need for tools or expertise of any kind. The temporary flooring is laid in minutes and can be removed just as quickly.

The panels are easily stored, inside or out, for use again and again. If the temporary flooring panels become dirty, they can be easily hosed down.


Rola-Trac has many commercial uses, including tent and marquee flooring, temporary walkways, audience flooring and temporary flooring for outside displays and pitch coverings.

As well as commercial temporary flooring, Rola-Trac has many uses in domestic settings as well. These include coverings for pet areas and patios, as well as for camping trips and parties.

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