Rola-Trac works closely with major construction companies on a wide variety of projects across the world. With so many potential applications and the speed of deployment required, major contractors choose Rola-Trac construction flooring products to fulfil their requirements.

The Rola-Trac product range has been developed to withstand heavy-duty use. Its varied applications re-emphasise the flexibility and speed that our customers have come to rely upon.

Contractors face increasing pressure to protect and make safe their working environment. Rola-Trac has devised systems, which complement the contractor’s own safety processes and timescales. With the importance of health and safety rising on-site, the Rola-Trac construction range offers a safe and reliable surface designed specifically for heavy-duty use and ensures a safe working environment.

Heavy Duty Flooring

I-Trac heavy duty flooring is laid at building sites or at military sites to provide heavy traffic with rapid and free-flowing access to their destinations. The panels are easily deployed in minutes and can be left for extended periods of time. In addition, our I-Trac panels are easily transported, offering a cost-effective solution for recurring building projects.

Some construction sites need temporary heavy duty flooring to cope with the demands of their trade. I-Trac provides a solid base for heavy machinery and large amounts of traffic. The lightweight and durable interlocking design is quick and easy to deploy for temporary or longer term use dependent on the length of contract.

If you are looking for a different type of flooring product, then have a look at our temporary flooring products or our event flooring range.

Crane Access

Rola-Trac is now renowned within the crane sector, supplying its superb heavy-duty trackway matting and flooring to support a range of specialist machinery to provide first-class construction access.

Strong, durable and safety-tested, Rola-Trac’s heavy-duty trackway matting permits safe access for all crane sizes and is suitable for a range of projects. It is especially effective on areas of unstable ground where stability is essential to allow cranes to move and operate effectively.

Wind and Renewable Energy

With an ever-growing demand for renewable energy, Rola-Trac now work closely with a range of wind farm operators, to provide their range of innovative trackway and specialist support.

Wind farm projects very often require trackway to support the incredibly heavy crane machinery, while providing efficient, free-flowing construction access to some of the most hard-to-reach parts of the site. With health and safety being a key part of wind farm projects, Rola-Trac’s heavy-duty trackway is durable, strong and reliable, supporting cranes of various sizes.

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Unlike other products on the market, I-Trac does not flex or ripple when maneuvering atop of. Quick direction changes are no problem, even in heavy machinery.

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