Temporary Roads & Portable Roadways

Good access is essential to the success of events, particularly large-scale ones. Unless supplies, such as audio equipment and refreshments, can quickly reach their destination the event quickly breaks down. Portable roadways can be laid in minutes and provide a temporary yet robust solution giving heavy traffic efficient road access to its destination. A temporary roadway for hire from Rola-Trac™ is strong enough to be left down for months on end, providing a long-term, functional solution that can expand to meet new demands.

What are Temporary roads?

Temporary access roads are temporary surfaces laid at events to provide heavy traffic with rapid and free-flowing access to their destinations. They are easily deployable in minutes and can be left for extended periods of time. In addition our Access roadways are easily stored, portable and reusable, offering a cost-effective solution for events that recur.

Temporary Access Roads


Where can I use Portable roadways?

Access roads can be deployed wherever temporary and robust road access is needed. When thinking of temporary roadway hire, event organisers should consider whether there are sufficient access points available for supplies to reach destinations, taking into account the level of pedestrian traffic when the event is underway and which type of event flooring product is most suitable. Without planned road access that can handle heavy traffic, events may quickly become bottlenecked with no way of supplies reaching their destinations.

In these instances Access roads are easily portable, deployable and customised, providing a bespoke temporary road solution that grows with the demands of the event.

What Products are available?

I-Trac™ offers events modular and robust access roads and temporary flooring that can be laid on even the most inhospitable ground. Made of composite, interlocking panels, I-Trac™ can handle extreme weight loads and requires no special tools to build. I-Trac™ offers a great solution for temporary roadway hire.

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