Marquee Flooring

Many marquees contain a large number of people at any one time and flooring provides a safe, comfortable solution to uneven and sometimes wet ground. Due to the large number of people moving about, the grass in marquees can become worn and slippery. Not only is this hazardous to walk on but it also requires expensive resurfacing after the event.

What is marquee flooring?

Marquee Flooring is a non-slip temporary flooring, which can be laid within your marquee by clipping strong and durable panels together providing you with a quick and firm flooring. Many of our products come in a variety of colours, enabling you, if you wish, to colour co-ordinate your event. Conveniently, the panels are easily cleaned by hosing down and stored by stacking.

Audience Flooring


Where can I use marquee flooring?

Since marquee flooring is constructed from small panels which clip together, it can be fitted into any size marquee within hours. It can be placed on top of any surface, including grass, concrete and gravel. In addition, the temporary flooring provides a stable surface for tables and chairs.

What products are available?

Rola-Trac – is a quick and easy temporary flooring solution available in a variety of colours. This product is easy to assemble by simply clicking together with no need for any tools.

Supa-Trac – is a strong and durable temporary flooring for marquees, which enables a firm flat surface to be achieved.

Rola-Trac Lite – is a lightweight temporary flooring, which offers many of the features that the original Rola-Trac product does but is a budget priced option.


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