Helipad Matting

At times the military need to land helicopters on soft or unstable foundations. Rola-Trac temporary helipad matting products are the most efficient and cost effective way of providing a safe, reliable surface to take off and land a variety of military helicopters.

What is Helipad Matting?

Helipad matting is a temporary and portable surface deployed on a variety of terrain to aid the safe taking off and landing for all types of helicopters. It improves the safety of landing and take off by providing a visual flooring area which can be seen from high altitude but most importantly preventing 'Brown Out' which is an in-flight restriction of vision due to dust or sand being pushed into the air by the helicopters down force. This is particularly dangerous for Helicopter pilots as the 'kick up' of dust and sand can cause spatial disorientation and can lead to potential accidents on landing and take off.

Rola-Trac helipad portable matting can be deployed very quickly without the reliance on man power or tools, and depending on the surface used does not require securing to the ground.

Helipad Flooring


Where can I use Helicopter Matting?

Rola-Trac helicopter matting can be deployed on almost any surface; it is particularly effective in arid desert terrain.

What Products are available?

Rola-Trac supplies two products which is suitable for helipads.


I-Trac™ is a single component heavy duty access system enabling vehicular traffic over inhospitable or soft ground.


Supa-Trac™ ground covering is a unique flooring product, incredibly durable and flexible.

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Rola-Trac also supply construction flooring and aircraft matting, both designed to withstand heavy duty use and ensure a safe working environment.

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